Arbor Stratocaster Copy $125 (decent 70's strat copy for  the price)

Arbor Stratocaster Copy $250

BC Rich Bich $3200 (NEW, Arch top, USA made, EMG's, OHSC)

BC Rich Bich $3000 (USA Made Custom Shop, cross inlays, Floyd, OHSC)

BC Rich Bich NJ Classic $650 (available bich case for $75 - gray tolex and leather end type)

BC Rich Eagle $1000 (from 1988, made in Japan)

BC Rich KK Beast V $900 (NEW, neck through, active pick ups, Kahler trem)

BC Rich KK Beast V $400 (NEW)

BC Rich KKV Gen 2 $550 (NEW, Kerry King V Generation 2, Kahler trem, Active pick ups)

BC Rich Mocking Bird Bronze Series $150

BC Rich Mocking Bird NJ Series $400 (mid 80's, plugged mini switches by knobs, Mighty Mite pick ups)

BC Rich Mockingbird USA Hand Crafted Series $3000 (NEW, OHSC - shows some shelf ware)

BC Rich Rave $250 (late 80's made)

BC Rich ST $1200 (very rare head stock and inlays, neck was lacquered from the factory but the neck was sanded down on the back and an oil finish was done) HOLD

BC Rich Virgin $500 (Platinum Pro, NEW)


BC Rich Warbeast Trace $400 (NEW)

BC Rich Warlock $350 (NEW, Deluxe Series)

BC Rich Warlock Deluxe $500 (NEW)

BC Rich Wave - Tripp Eisen Signiture $350 (NEW)

Bigsby BY50 $3000 (very limited number produced, these were made in Japan by Gretsch, OHSC )

Buddy Blaze Shredder $3300 (new, super flamed neck, OHSC)

Campbell American Guitars - Precix $600 (OHSC)

Carvin Bolt $400

Carvin DC127 $500 (sanded down, real Floyd Rose)

Carvin DC145 $700

Carvin SC90 $1000 (I think that is what it is called?, same guitar but different sets of photos below)

Chandler Telecaster $600

Charvel 375 $350 (I think that is the right name, maybe a Fusion)

Charvel Custom Shop Strat $4000 (NEW with OHSC, maybe 2 or 3 others like it so far?, USA Made)

Charvel Model 5 $700 (changed neck pick up ring)

Charvel Predator $450 (Red, reversed head stock, stock pick ups)

Charvel San Dimas So Cal $1000 (NEW, Made in the USA)

Charvel San Dimas Strat $1700 (NEW - Fender Re-issue, OHSC, ebony board, one hum and two singles, USA Made)

Charvel San Dimas Strat $1500 (TMZ #17, these were made for a shop called The Music Zoo, perfect condition, case not included, mahogany body, USA Made)

Charvel San Dimas Style 2 $800 (NEW, USA made, no case)

Charvel Strat $400 (roller nut, duncan pick up, newly cut one hum pick guard, some damage on the bottom of her)


Cimar Flying V $250 (Made in 1884 by Ibanez in Japan)

Cort EVL Z4 $375 (NEW, EMG HZ's)

Cort G260 $275

Cort X6 $225

Cort Zenox Z44 $350 (Mighty Mite Active pick ups)

Crown SG copy $400 (made in the 70's)

Curt Wilson $1200 (Zebra wood, Guitar Builder in the Chicago area)

D'Aquisto Jazz Line DQ-JZ N $3300 (NEW, OHSC)

Danelectro $300 (2 lipstick pick ups and a solid body, not a hollow composite)

Dean 1980 Cadillac $1200 (If this is a 1980, then the Kahler has to be added afterwards)

Dean 2003 Hardtail Flame USA $2000 (OHSC, wonderful condition except for some clear coat issues by low E tuner)

Dean Icon AX7 $300 (trans black quilt top with trem, excellent condition)

Encore L6S Copy $350

Epiphone G400 SG $250 (damage to the body) - HOLD

Epiphone G400 SG $400 (strange model with mahogany veneer)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard $400 (made in Korea, changed to Schaller machine heads)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard $400 (Left handed) - HOLD

ESP Climax $1500 (OHSC, super rare model for Japan distribution only, these didn't make it to the states, alder body, mahogany neck with a flamed maple top)

ESP Eclipse $1300 (virtually perfect condition, OHSC)

ESP Mirage $1000 (trans. red, EMG's, flamed maple neck, matching flamed head stock, one ding by the bottom strap button)

ESP Strat $2000 (example of a super custom shop guitar, sperzels, two push pulls, signed by Michael Wilton of Queensryche, OHSC)

ESP Strat $800 (super low number, added floyd)

ESP George Lynch Sunburst Tiger Replica $400 (problaby a GTx body with a different neck, good paint on the head stock to match) - HOLD

ESP / LTD EC400VF $450

ESP / LTD EC1000 Deluxe $650

ESP / LTD KH202 $375

ESP / LTD M100FM $450 (added EMG pick ups - that is worth about $200 in pick ups and $75 in labor)

ESP / LTD M100FM $250

ESP / LTD MG750 $500

ESP / LTD MH201 $375

Fender 1991 Talon $400 (made in Japan by Ibanez)

Fender 1999 Mexican Standard Telecaster $300 (blue)

Fender 2000 Eric Clapton Stratocaster $1400 (super clean, OHSC)

Fender 2003 Showmaster Celtic H $550 (NEW, yes it is still new, we pulled her out of the back of the Algonquin shop for the new shop!)

Fender 2005 Stratosonic $1100 (new, OHSC)

Fender 2006 FSR No Pick Guard Strat $480 (Made in Mexico NEW)

Fender 2006 FSR 69 Thinline Reissue $950 (ultra rare in white, head stock has faded to cream faster then the body has so far)

Fender 2007 Stratocaster Standard $350 (Made in Mexico, NEW, flat black finish)

Fender 2007 Telecaster Deluxe FSR $1400 (NEW, USA made, OHSC, mahogany body, abalone dots, black head stock)

Fender 2008 American Standard Stratocaster $1200 (NEW, USA Made, OHSC, Blizzard Pearl is the color)


Fender 2008 American Standard Stratocaster $1100 (LEFTY, NEW, OHSC)

Fender 2008 Showmaster Blackout Strat $500 (locking tuners, Duncan pickups)

Fender HM Strat $600 (finish cracks in neck pocket)

Fender Squire Standard Stratocaster $225 (NEW)

Fender Stratocaster with a Floyd Rose $600 (made in Japan with a real Floyd Rose)

Fender Stratocaster Clone $500 (Blue Agave is the colors name, Ash body, Sperzel tuners, hot rail style pick up)

Fender Strat Clone $450 (Ash body, mighty mite pick ups, brass bridge, locking grovers)

Fender Strat Clone $350 (early 80's large head stock squire neck that was cut down, Japanese photo flame body that has a crazy refin over it)

Fender Strat Clone $600 (Ash warmoth body, warmoth neck, lip stick pick ups)

Fender Stratocaster copy $600 (EMG pickups)

Fender Telecaster Clone $600 (Duncan in the bridge and the neck, fabulous relic job, neck and body is checked)

Fender Telecaster Esquire Clone $400 (duncan in the bridge)

Fernandes LE2 $800 (USA Fender pick ups and guard, TBx tone control, USA Fender bridge)

Fernandes LE2 $650

Fernandes Revolver $300 (made in Japan)

First Act Volkswagen VW Guitar $200

G and L Legacy Strat $800 (USA Made)

Gibson 1979 The Paul $1000 (added Kahler tremolo and added Dimarzio pick ups)

Gibson 1981 to 1984 Sonex 180 Deluxe $400 (neck was refinished so it is missing the serial number, cracked guard)

Gibson 1987 Invader $600

Gibson 1998 Les Paul Special $750

Gibson 1998 Les Paul Studio $800 (repaired crack in head stock, very good job)

Gibson 2005 Les Paul Classic $1800 ("Light Burst" is the color, it was only offered in 2005, OHSC)

Gibson 2005 SG Special $1000 (no case)

Gibson 2007 Les Paul Studio $1200 (wonderful condition, OHSC)

Gibson 2008 Les Paul Custom Sparkle Top $3500 (Custom shop, all case candy, OHSC, actaully never owned by any one, it was a dealer to dealer swap)

Gretsch Electromatic Special Jet G525X $500 (NEW, Set Neck)

Hagstrom HJ500 $750 (NEW)

Hamer Arch Top $350 (Duncan Designed pick ups)

Hamer Arch Top $400 (Slamer Series, made in Korea - not in China)

Hamer 1983 Blitz $600 (sanded down body, no breaks or repairs)

Hamer 1984 Scarab $900 (Made in the USA, Seymour Duncan Dave Mustain Live Wires we installed - about $250 worth of parts and labor)

Hamer Chaparral $750 (Made in the USA)

Hamer Phantom $1000

Hamer Slamer $225

Howie $500 (Howard Leese of Heart had a guitar company called "Howie", looks like the body was finished in nitro, she could use a refin or keep it for the relic look!)

Ibanez 540R $1000 (Radius Model, very rare, wonderful condition)

Ibanez AAF207 Seven String Arch top $2200 (Made in Japan, OHSC, super rare - have you ever seen another?)

Ibanez AR200 Artist Reissue  $400

Ibanez AXS32 $350

Ibanez Jet King JTK1 $300 (these were only made between 2003 and 2005)

Ibanez RG220B $275

Ibanez RG220B $275

Ibanez RG370DX GP3 $400 (wonderful condition)

Ibanez RG570 $450

Ibanez RG770 $600 (purpleish pink with matching head stock, dings and dents, sanded down neck)

Ibanez RG1570 $900 (super clean, added dimarzio in the bridge, OHSC)

Ibanez RG3570 $1200 (OHSC, perfect condition)

Ibanez RG7420 $500 (7 string, metallic black is the color)

Ibanez RG7620 $800 (Royal Blue is her color, OHSC available for $80)

Ibanez Road Star II $350

Ibanez S470 $450 (changed middle pick up to a Mighty Mite Hot Rail)

Ibanez Talman $400

Jackson Dinky ASM V $350

Jackson Dinky Reverse $1100 (made in Jackon's Custom shop in the early 90's, reversed painted head stock, painted pu's and rings, ebony, fins, OHSC)

Jackson Dinky Reverse $450 (Made in Japan)

Jackson DK1 $1800 (NEW, OHSC)

Jackson DK1 $2100 (NEW, OHSC) - HOLD

Jackson DK2 $750 (NEW)

Jackson DK2M $650 (NEW, with Duncans)

Jackson DK2M $800 (NEW, with Duncans, limited run)

Jackson DK2M $800 (NEW, with EMG's, limited run)

Jackson DK2M $900 (NEW, limited run)

Jackson DK2T $700 (NEW, with Duncans)

Jackson DX10D $450 (NEW)

Jackson Fusion $1000 (Made in the USA in 1989 or so, OHSC)

Jackson JS20 $250 (NEW)

Jackson JS30WR $300 (NEW)

Jackson Kelly Special Edition $1000 (Made in Japan)

Jackson Kevin Bond Signature Rhoads $1200

Jackson KV2 $2300  (NEW, USA MADE, OHSC)

Jackson KV2 $2300 (NEW, USA MADE, OHSC)

Jackson KVX10 $700 (NEW, Made in Japan)

Jackson RR1 Randy Rhoads $2200 (NEW, USA MADE, OHSC, Acapulco Gold is the name of the color, it changes from (gold to green to blue)

Jackson RR3 Custom $600 (NEW)

Jackson RR5 $1000 (used, wonderful condition)

Jackson SL2H-MAH $3000 (NEW, USA MADE, OHSC, mahogany body, matching quilted head stock with BLACK logo, and black hardware)

another set of pics of the same guitar above

Jackson SLS3 $1350 (NEW)

Jay Turser 335 copy $350 (awesome fret job done to her)

Jay Turser Double Cutaway Les Paul $225

Jay Turser $350 (added brass bridge)

Kramer F6000 $450 (real Floyd Rose)

Kramer Focus 6000 $400 (made in Japan)

Kramer Pacer Custom I $700 (Real Floyd Rose)

Kramer Striker 100ST $250 (banana head stock, probably from 86 or 87)

Kramer Focus 3000 $300

Line 6 Variax $600

Madeira / Lotus $200

Michael Kelly Patriot Special $400 (Special New Castle Beer Edition)

Michael Kelly Valor CT $450 (NEW, marked USED on the back of the head stock for some reason, plays perfect and doesn't look to have any flaws)

Mighty Mite Parts Guitar $700

Paul Reed Smith 1996 Custom $1800 (10 top, OHSC)

Paul Reed Smith 2006 Singlecut Tremolo $2800 (Flamed 10 top, Birds, OHSC, trans black, near perfect condition, she was $3500 when she was new)

Parts Guitar $250 (home made body, Grover tuners, DiMarzio in the bridge)

Parts Guitar $350

Peavey Predator AX $250 (Made in the USA) HOLD

Peavey Rotor $600 (perfect condition, added duncan in the bridge)

Rahan Custom Strat $800 (hand built stuff out of Texas, probably Texas Special pick ups, locking tuners, wilkenson)   

Samick Tele $300

Schecter C-1 $450 (DiMarzio pick ups)

Schecter Custom Shop "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" $3500 (USA Made, OHSC, meat hook inlays!)

Spector Black Hawk $1200 (USA made, #9 of about 50, mahogany body, quilted maple top, some light dings that are pictured, pao ferro fret board, abalone dots, completed on 10/19/95) extra photo extra photo - HOLD

Stage Guitar ZX300 $250 (kahler style trem has missing fine tuners)

Supro Copy $250

Switch $300 (NEW, made out of a thing called Vibrocell - like a hard plastic)

Vester II Concert Series $450 (zebra wood, active pick ups) HOLD

Warrior Knight $2000 (gold top with OHSC, wonderful condition, USA made of course)

Washburn A5 $250 (made in 1995)

Washburn MG70 $450 (flamed maple top)

Washburn MG74 $400

Washburn Paul Stanley PS2000WH $3500 (perfect condition, OHSC, very limited production guitar in this color)

Washburn X40 $450

Wemsen $350 (parker fly copy)



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Cort G290 $600 (Active pick ups)