Arbor Stratocaster Copy $250

BC Rich KK Beast V $900 (NEW, neck through, active pick ups, Kahler trem)

BC Rich KK Beast V $400 (NEW)

BC Rich KKV Gen 2 $550 (NEW, Kerry King V Generation 2, Kahler trem, Active pick ups)

BC Rich Mocking Bird NJ Series $400 (mid 80's, plugged mini switches by knobs, Mighty Mite pick ups)

BC Rich Rave $250 (late 80's made)

BC Rich Warbeast Trace $400 (NEW)

BC Rich Warlock $350 (NEW, Deluxe Series)

BC Rich Warlock Deluxe $500 (NEW)

BC Rich Wave - Tripp Eisen Signiture $350 (NEW)

Chandler Telecaster $600

Charvel 375 Deluxe $350 (I think that is the right name, maybe a Fusion)

Charvel Strat $400 (roller nut, duncan pick up, newly cut one hum pick guard, some damage on the bottom of her)


Cort G290 $600 (Active pick ups)

Cort X6 $225

Cort Zenox Z44 $350 (Mighty Mite Active pick ups)

Crown SG copy $400 (made in the 70's)

Dean Z $400 (added diamond plate tail piece, made in the Chesch Republic)

ESP / LTD KH202 $375

ESP / LTD M100FM $250

ESP / LTD MG750 $500

ESP / LTD MH201 $375

Fender 2007 Stratocaster Standard Lefty $425 (Made in Mexico, NEW)

Fender 2008 American Standard Stratocaster $1100 (LEFTY, NEW, OHSC)

Fender Squire Stratocaster $275 (NEW)

Fender Stratocaster copy $600 (EMG pickups)

Fernandes LE2 $650

Fernandes Revolver $300 (made in Japan)

First Act Volkswagen VW Guitar $200

Gibson 1987 Invader $600

Gibson 1998 Les Paul Special $750

Gibson 2005 SG Special $1000 (no case)

Hagstrom HJ500 $750 (NEW)

Hamer Arch Top $350 (Duncan Designed pick ups)

Hamer Arch Top $400 (Slamer Series, made in Korea - not in China)

Howie $500 (Howard Leese of Heart had a guitar company called "Howie", looks like the body was finished in nitro, she could use a refin or keep it for the relic look!)

Ibanez AXS32 $350

Ibanez RG370DX GP3 $400 (wonderful condition)

Ibanez RG570 $450

Ibanez RG7420 $500 (7 string, metallic black is the color)

Ibanez SZ320MH $350

Ibanez Talman $400

Jackson Dinky Reverse $450 (Made in Japan)

Jackson DK2 $750 (NEW)

Jackson DK2M $650 (NEW, with Duncans)

Jackson DK2M $800 (NEW, with Duncans, limited run)

Jackson DK2M $900 (NEW, limited run)

Jackson DK2T $700 (NEW, with Duncans)

Jackson JS30WR $300 (NEW)

Jackson KVX10 $700 (NEW, Made in Japan)

Jackson RR3 Custom $600 (NEW)

Jay Turser $350 (added brass bridge)

Kramer F6000 $450 (real Floyd Rose)

Kramer Focus 3000 $300

Kramer Focus 6000 $400 (made in Japan)

Kramer Striker 100ST $250 (banana head stock, probably from 86 or 87)

Kurt Wilson $1200 (Zebra wood, Guitar Builder in the Chicago area)

Michael Kelly Patriot Special $400 (Special New Castle Beer Edition)

Michael Kelly Valor CT $450 (NEW, marked USED on the back of the head stock for some reason, plays perfect and doesn't look to have any flaws)

Rahan Custom Strat $800 (hand built stuff out of Texas, probably Texas Special pick ups, locking tuners, wilkenson)   

Samick Greg Bennet Avion AV3 $375

Schecter 006 Elite $600 (added Dimarzio pick ups)

SCHECTER0062.JPG (143401 bytes) SCHECTER0061.JPG (242814 bytes) SCHECTER0063.JPG (239673 bytes) SCHECTER0064.JPG (155434 bytes) SCHECTER0065.JPG (177670 bytes)

Schecter C-1 $450 (added DiMarzio pick ups)

Schecter C1 Elite $550

Schecter C/SH1 $500

Supro Copy $250

Switch $300 (NEW, made out of a thing called Vibrocell - like a hard plastic)

Washburn A5 $250 (made in 1995)

Washburn MG74 $400

Washburn X40 $450